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You might have questions about shopping for your cycling attire. Maybe you are preparing for a marathon or you are organising an event for your team. Whatever you have in mind, surely you are in a dilemma how you are going to choose your custom cycling kit.


 As a cyclist, you have a lot of options for your attire. Be it a skin-suit, a gilet, or a jacket, you have dozens of choices to shop for your head-to-toe clothing. More so, you have the great need to find a suitable and dependable supplier to produce and ship the articles of clothing you need.

If you need help with ordering and buying bespoke cycling apparel, here is a quick guide to help clear the air.


When you want to order personalised items, you have to specify the sizes for each piece. However, certain companies vary in the number of orders that you must make for a custom cycling kit. Usually, once you have done placing an order, you will have an easier time reordering with just a smaller minimum required because the artwork as already been produced.


All manufacturers will definitely tell you that their products are of high-quality, but how are you going to be sure? Especially if you are going to wear cycling skinsuits which covers almost the entire body, there is a great need for comfort, breathability, and pliability. So to be sure of your choices, it is best if you ask around for recommendations. Moreover, you can try on sample clothing at physical stores available in your area.


Conceptualising an art is probably the most time-consuming part of the project. When you do have a design in mind, make sure that this is reproduced with a high-resolution file before sending a copy to the supplier. On the other hand, you can work with the company’s graphic designers for ideas, but you must pay extra for their services. Moreover, prices will vary depending on the design.


When you want cycling gilets or any article of clothing for that matter, you have to go through the ordering process. Good thing though, many companies have now utilised the internet for their business. Nowadays, you can start ordering online, thereby simplifying the ordering process. The only downside to this is the feeling of disconnection from the people working. So, just reach out to a live customer service representative for any questions regarding your order.


Do you plan to wear uniform cycling jackets for a sports event? One last thing though, you must never forget to make sure that you send in the right sizes for each member. So, always request a fit kit if necessary. Remember, various manufacturers may have a different method of sizing. Just to eliminate the chances of making errors, you have to ask for kits to make sure that the style and size are appropriate. There is no returning once the items have been shipped.

Once you have the design, styling, size and order process cleared out, you can now determine how much this will cost you and how long the turnaround time will be. When commissioning the production of custom cycling kits for your team, do not forget to have a promised deadline specified in the contract.

Do you have a manufacturer or supplier of your personalised cycling apparel? When you don’t, look for companies that deliver good results such as Impsport for your sport clothing needs.<