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If you can afford to fly a private jet in the UK, then you are already a smart decision maker. You will most likely be looking for new ways to save your money while deriving maximum value from the experience.  Even for the super-rich, the cost of private jet hire can be prohibitive. That is why many are looking for ways to get private jet travel at affordable rates. Here are some useful tips on how you can save on the cost of private jet hire:-

Props versus Jets

The type of private jet that you choose will directly influence the cost and that should be obvious. There are certain kinds of aircraft that will serve your needs alright and still save you tons of money. For example, if you are planning to fly the shorter routes, it would be advisable to choose the props as opposed to business jets which are better suited for longer distance private travel. The good thing for private jet travelers is that many modern props are just as comfortable as the jets.

Compare Costs and Book Online

In the past, online travel booking was the domain of the commercial airlines that have fully leveraged the internet in order to sell airplane tickets. Private jet hire has until recently been an exclusive and old fashioned club of phone calls and reservations but that, too, is changing. Many private jet charters are increasingly taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet in order to sell their tickets. Private flyers can now compare and book rates online and they are able to see where they are getting the best value for money.

Downsizing the aircraft

When you are looking for savings in the cost of private jet hire, you need to make very smart decisions on the type of jet that you are going to hire. For short hops, you can make use of the very  light jets. The more reputable private jet charters give you plenty of options and allow you the flexibility to pick the best jet for the travel requirement of the specific trip that you are making. This allows you to have greater flexibility in the jet that you are going to travel with along with cost savings in your trip.

Save money through airport choices

The kind of airport where you will land can also contribute to cost savings when you are planning to hire a private jet. If you are flying to London, for example, you are going to make extra cost savings by flying to an airport like Stansted.

Positioning Costs

If you are planning to hire private jet, you are also going to foot the positioning costs. One way to cut down on these is by choosing to depart from an airport where the aircraft you are planning to hire is already situated. Professional jet charter companies can advise you accordingly on the positioning costs so that you can see where to make the cost savings.

Group travel

Travelling in groups is another novel way to cut down on the cost of private jet hire.  Whether you fill the seats or are alone aboard a private jet, you are going to pay the same costs. One way to cut down on these costs is by grouping up and paying as low as £200 on private jet hire.

Use older jets

A lot of clients will insist on the newest jets for obvious reasons but older jets are equally comfortable, safe and best of all, a lot cheaper. As long as the entire fleet of the charter company is accredited, you should have no worry choosing the older jets in order to save money.

No Frills Travel

Private jets tend to be quite frilly by default but there are jet charter companies that offer no-frills private jet travel at reduced rates. If price is uppermost in your mind, you could opt for these.